Monday 4th September - 8pm UK time

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Hey Photographer….

  • Want to boost your visibility and master your marketing?
  • Want to generate more enquiries, more leads and more bookings?
  • Want help to get your motivation and mojo back and make more moolah?

Then let me help you.

Mastering your Marketing is Key!

I know the rising costs of living are scaring the pants off us self-employed right now BUT we will get through this, and we can make sure our businesses are thriving and profitable as long as our visibility and marketing are nailed.

In this FREE online marketing class I will be giving you...

  • A helping hand with your marketing, giving you clarity on some key marketing principles and how to put them in place in your business
  • The exact marketing strategies that have worked for me and the photographers I mentor throughout 2023
  • The marketing mistakes to avoid to ensure success in 2023
  • Easily actionable tasks, activities and strategies to help boost your visibility, attract the right clients and bring in the moolah you deserve
  • A healthy dose of motivation to ensure you feel confident and inspired to run your dream business and make the money you want and deserve
  • 30 days of pre-written marketing content so you know exactly what messages to put out there to appeal to potential clients

Can you afford to miss this?

Let me help you build the photography business of your dreams so that you can thrive and survive through anything the world throws at us!

Monday 4th September - 8pm UK time

Brought to you by yours truly….

  • Voted Photography Trainer of the Year
  • Award-winning and industry leader
  • Best Selling Author in three business book categories
  • Founder of the Rich Tog Academy - training and mentoring programmes for photographers
  • Professional photographer of 15 years with bases in both the UK and Spain
  • Founder of The Rich Photographers Society, a free community for photographers to support them with business and marketing strategy and guidance
  • Creator of the free five-day mini course and ongoing programme, The Business of Brand Photography. Helping hundreds of photographers build successful and profitable brand photography businesses.
  • Helping 100's, if not 1000's of photographers built successful and profitable photography businesses.

Monday 4th September- 8pm UK time

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Rave reviews from previous masterclass attendees

“I have a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to these free masterclasses and training events. However, yours has not only surprised me but exceeded all expectations. Highly valuable. Don't miss out!”

Nadine Van Biljon - Brand Photography

“Do not miss the opportunity to spend time with Gill! She know's what she's talking about!”

Kate Hollingsworth - Weddings and Brand Photography....

“Gill, you are a marketing genius! I don't know where I would be without you!”

Becky Downie - Brand Photography

“Working with you has been the best business investment I ever made!”

Heidi Warren -newborns, wedding & brand photographer...

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